Who We Are

Discoverfun was conceptualized in early 2012 and was officially launched in April 2013. We are a Cebu based company that specializes in Philippine travel, tourism and promotion.

We are your virtual partner in planning your travels in Cebu and the many islands beyond. We are a one-stop shop for all your travel needs, offering a catalog of places to stay, activities to do and must-try delicacies that the Philippines has to offer. We also offer unique tour packages for various Philippine destinations, through a convenient and secure online booking system.

We’re sure you’ve heard that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” Now let us show you just how and where to find it. Whether your idea of a holiday is an adventure off the beaten track, a quiet lie on the beach or even navigating through urban jungles, the Philippines has all that and more.

Join us as we explore the Philippines and together, Discoverfun… the fun begins here!

Discoverfun.ph operates under SEC registered Discover Fun Promotions Inc. 

Meet The Discover Fun Team:



Corporate Mogul

When an opportunity arises, I never miss hanging out with my family or friends. Whether it’s just a quick coffee or a lengthy movie, I’m game!

Of course when time permits, I’d love to go out to the beach or check out the cool air of the mountains and just chill. Also, take the opportunity to reflect while soaking in the view and take some amazing photos to share with the world.

But most of the time, if I’m not working, I’d consider myself as a home buddy. I love rolling around in bed; catching up on my favorite TV show or watch a movie.

This is what excites me about Discoverfun. It pushes me beyond my comfort zone. To go and explore Cebu and the islands beyond.

So join me and the Discoverfun team on this adventure as we seek new travel destinations while we continually preserve and appreciate the rich history and culture that the Philippines has to share.



Media Meister

Aside from travelling to different places and meeting new friends, I “Discover Fun” by playing different sports, especially outdoors. I love to stay fit and active. I also find FUN in cooking and experimenting with new dishes (my all time favorites are the Asian dishes, especially the Filipino cuisine).

Aside from visiting the tourist attraction areas, I enjoy eating local cuisines in places that I visit (in fact this is sometimes the FUN part of every travel).

Part of my travel that I always look forward to is the culture experience. I get to enjoy and also learn a lot of new things that I can share to others. The whole culture experience is “where the FUN begins”.

Hope to meet you in one of my travels!



Web Kahuna

I WANT TO VISIT NORTH KOREA! Now that’s what I call FUN.

People ask me, why north Korea? Well, one can always visit other places of the world anytime. However, someone visiting the north is pretty rare. People say its dangerous. I say: it’s exciting as hell!

For me, it’s all about the adrenaline rush. CUBA is second on MY LIST!

But in reality, when I am not thinking of travelling to those weird and dangerous places, I watch a lot of movies on Netflix. I play soccer, Utopia, and eat a lot of fish too – I just love the tanguige in Sinangag! But the most FUN I have is when I spend time with my two little angels.



Number Cruncher

Imagine escaping to the beach, then lazing on a hammock while the cool sea breeze winds you down to a sleep. You wake up delighting in comfort food and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Black, no sugar and cream please. You are happy to meet new people and then hang out with friends who’ve joined you on the trip. There’s karaoke singing and storytelling with some hilarious corny jokes thrown in the conversations over a few bottles of ice cold beer.

Then it’s back to the city on an easy afternoon drive after some beach getaway and parteh-parteh. Back to work. There’s brainstorming sessions on business opportunities, improving operational efficiencies, and projects on how to make Cebu more livable. Meetings here and there over lunch, dinner, or coffee and carrot cake. Coming home to dinner with family. Playing with the pets at home. Unwinding to some DVDs and YouTube comedies. Sleep. Wake up then plan your next adventure



Word Herder

My interests are varied so what I view as fun depends largely on my mood on a particular day. Without a doubt though, the most fun I have is when I’m with family or friends – whether we’re up to some (harmless) mischief or having a chat at a cafe.

Just on the heels of that are books. I absolutely love to read and find that I am most relaxed in the company of the written word. My ideal holiday is one where I can sit on the beach, under an umbrella, reading in solitude all day long.