Cebu Style Filipino Food

chika-an-restaurant-sJust like in many countries, many people have a variation of their own signature dish or delicacies and the same is no different in the Philippines. Here in Cebu there are numerous well-known Filipino restaurants such as the likes of Café Laguna, Golden Cowrie, Boosog, and many many more.



But one of the well-known Filipino restaurants that offer value for money and dining experience is Chika-an sa Cebu. By the time you enter, instantly you can feel the world-renowned Filipino hospitality.


The authentic pinoy feel continues as you are seated and get a feel for the ambiance. The interior of Chika-an is warm and cozy with a low light. Adding to the authentic feel is the furniture and decorations made out of native Filipino materials. From the lamps to the tables and chairs, true pinoy art.



As rice is the staple of the Philippines, there is no question how Chika-an has captured the hearts and stomachs of every Cebuano by offering their unlimited rice. Of course, rice is well paired with the all-time favorite Filipino dishes such as Sizzling Squid, Sinigang Shrimp, Ampalaya with Dilis and much more mouthwatering dishes cooked to perfection.


Before you begin your meal, you are captivated with the visually appealing presentation of the food. From the rice wrapped in banana leaves and placed in a traditional Filipino pot, to the searing hot sizzling plate as well as the spotless white dishes; you are in for a treat visually and gastronomically.


Definitely there is no better way to end the meal than with the refreshing Filipino desserts. Whether it be some Banana and Turon with Latik or some Halo-Halo (ice shaving topped with various beans, fruit and ice cream). A full and authentic Filipino dining experience all in one place, Chika-an sa Cebu.


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