Fun with Pinoy Games!

Pinoy Games

In today’s modern times, kids don’t even go out to play. Unlike those good old days where you see the younglings sweating out under the heat of the sun with their laughs echoing through-out the streets.

Let’s relive the fun times and provide a crash course for the current youth on the most widely played Filipino games.


The Filipino version of tag which is sometimes called Haring Diego. The game consists of grouping in two teams, one of which will be the “it” team who will run on parallel marked lines, where the other team must cross in order to win.


In other regions, the game is called tumbang preso. This involves kids out on the street, holding a slipper on one hand as they try to knock down an empty tin can. Once the can is down, he/she has to get the slipper without being captured by the “it”


In English “jump over thorns” which involves jumping over different levels of tinik, which is created by two designated players by linking their hands on top of one another. As the game progresses, the tinik gets higher and higher, requiring a bit of jumping skills to get through.

Similar to Malaysia’s sepak takraw, the objective of the game is to have the most amount of kicks on the ball (which is usually a hand-crafted lead washer tied with pieces of straw rope) without having it hit the ground.


The game begins with a chant that starts with “Langit, lupa, impyerno…” with one of the players tagging each other with every syllable and the unfortunate player who ends up tagged at the end of the final syllable of the chant becomes the “it”. The original temple run, this game involves a lot of running as players will have to run for elevated ground (langit or heaven), in which they can’t be tagged.

These are a short list of the vast Pinoy games that kids love to play. Today, it would be great for them to let go of their tablets or gaming consoles and have a go at these classic and cultural games. Have FUN playing!

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