Keep Road Trips FUN!

There are ways to escape boredom during road trips from games, simple music, exploring delicacies and the company of good friends.

Road Trip


With the numerous holidays this August, family and friends have definitely planned some out of town escapades from flying to other cities or driving down to the province. Either way traveling can be loads of FUN or exceedingly one long chore. For those that are packing up and loading their cars, here are some tips on how to beat boredom while you’re on the road.


MAKE SURE YOUR COMFORTABLE: Bring a blanket to keep you warm and a pillow to help ease your back throughout the ride. Wear comfy clothes that allow you to move and shoes that can be easily slipped off so you can rest your feet.


BRING SOME FRIENDS: As they say “the more the merrier”. Sometimes having company along eases the stress of a long car trip. Just make sure it’s a friend who has a high tolerance for road trips and awkward silences, and can help you out of an emergency in a pinch.


MAKE SURE YOUR ESSENTIALS ARE WITHIN REACH: Having to pull over just to dig-out your important belongings from the car’s trunk can put a damper on your trip.


KEEP REFRESHMENTS HANDY: In case you can’t stop anywhere to eat, it’s best to keep light snacks and drinks on hand Filling up your mouth with food is also a great way to endure lulls in the conversation, and to keep you awake.


BRING PORTABLE ENTERTAINMENT: You can read books, play games on your electronic device, listen to music, watch movies on your iPad, or take photos during the trip. Just make sure to rest your eyes from time to time to avoid dizziness.


PLAY CAR GAMES:There are numerous games that can be played while on the road, it’s just a matter of your creativity. Common car games are I Spy, bring a portable board or card games if your with a group or even do trivia questions about the place you are going or just anything under the sun.


PLAY MUSIC: This will help keep you awake. Bonus points for playing cheesy music that you can dance to while sitting in the car.


TRY TO REMEMBER LANDMARKS OR TOWNS THAT YOU PASS BY: Not only does this exercise keep you alert, it also helps sharpen your memory.


FOOD TRIP: Do your research. The Philippines is a feasting nation and numerous towns have their own special delicacy. So don’t forget to stop-over and try out the variety of food that various towns have to offer. You will be surprised!


GO TO SLEEP: Sometimes there is nothing left to do but but recharge. Take a nap, then switch places with the designated driver so he or she can also get some rest.




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